Personal icon Michael Chun Chi Tsang

Software developer & orienteer


◪ Orienteering


I started orienteering in 2012 after my A-levels, since then I join local orienteering races regularly (especially sprint orienteering race).

I am currently focusing on sprint orienteering and trail orienteering, and represented Hong Kong in the trail orienteering world championships in 2017 and 2018. My next goal is to represent Hong Kong in the TempO discipline again in 2020.

🏊 swimming

I have been training for open water swimming seriously since 2018. I did my first marathon swimming race in July 2019, and I plan to do some longer and colder races in the coming few years.

I have swum most local OWS competitions including the Stanley Classic 3 km, McBean Middle Island Challenge (3.7 km), The DWB, The Polson 5 (approximately 5 km from Stanley Blake Pier to Repulse Bay) and Cold Half (approximately 14 km from Stanley Main Beach to Deep Water Bay in winter).

I have also swum a few overseas open water competitions including the Bosphorus race from Asia to Europe (approximately 6.5 km with current assist), and LGSA Classic (13 km from Lausanne to Évian-les-bains).

♚ Board and card games

I also play board and card games with my classmates. I like playing mah-jong and contract bridge the most.

⛵ Sailing


I like the feeling of wind. I do dinghy sailing and windsurfing. I joined the sailing race of scout regatta in 2012.


I am a local transport fan, in particular, bus fan and rail fan. I sometimes take photos of buses and light rail vehicles in Hong Kong, especially old buses. I also report whereabouts to various web sites.

Recently, I started analysing the value and costs of various modes of transport, comparing the efficiency, and read academic papers related to transport. In the future, I may try to develop a web site for transport planning and study a related higher degree, transforming myself from a transport fan to a transport professional.